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Rental of rooms and apartments

We offer beautiful rooms and apartments in the university city of Aachen - from the best located designer flat in full service to inexpensive shared rooms.

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G5 Student-FLatshare

Inexpensive in good location to the university

Quiet, beautiful student flat with very bright, friendly rooms is looking for roommates. You can find out which rooms are available at the moment.

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Germanus-FlatShare near Haarener Markt.

The G5-WG rooms are between 13 and 25 sqm in size. Prices normally warm rent incl. kitchen, internet, NK etc. Connection to the RWTH with numerous bus connections all day.

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If you want to stay longer in Aachen..

..you've come to the right place. From shared flats and single apartments to full-flat apartments: here you will find your new home in Aachen.


The rental of our rooms is also possible without viewing by email. All information on this website. The reservation is binding, we confirm the rental after payment of the deposit, so that an entry to Germany (quarantine) with a proven address is possible!


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Modern Design

Our accomodations are modern and functional.

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Cheap living

Our accomodations are cheap and nice.

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Clear Contracts

We rent on yearly base - if you wish within all costs.

G5 - StudentenWG

Our residential complex G5 offers a new, beautiful StudentsWG with very bright, friendly rooms. The renovated old building is very quiet, but nevertheless very conveniently situated. The former carpet research institute is a massive industrial building; this has a positive influence on the peace and quiet in the building. All around, there are very large windows that illuminate all rooms in a very friendly way. It takes 10 minutes by bus to get to the city centre and 2 minutes to the motorway. In short: a super-accomodation for studying in Aachen.

All rooms have a connection to the fast internet connection of the house (CableMax 1000 Mbit/s). Some shared flats are equipped with their own washing machine, but there is also a washing machine in the cellar available for the house. Bicycle storage is available in the cellar and behind the house. The prices include all additional costs (heating, water, internet, house expenses) with the exception of electricity (electricity consumption is apportioned by WG via meters). If a room is handed over furnished, an additional flat rate of 20,-/month will be charged. We charge a one-time flat rate of 75,- Euro for the preparation of the contract. The deposit is 3 rents.

Here our free rooms:

# Description Pictures Plan/Price
DG The attic floor forms a separate flat share with 6 very beautiful, different rooms. The WG has 1 marble bathroom with shower and bathtub, a nice common kitchen.    

A beautiful shared room in the attic with a large loggia, fully furnished with a desk, a very large cupboard, a bed and various small pieces of furniture. Large terrace door.

Internet connection to the ultra-fast house router (max. 1000 Mbit)


350,- Euro


A very special shared room on the 3rd floor: it consists of two smaller rooms, one of which is furnished as a study, one as a bedroom (each with a window). Full and good furnishing. Very quiet room.

The room is very well equipped and has its own Internet connection to the ultra-fast house router (max. 1000 Mbit)


340,- Euro


Shared flat in AB1: 5 new rooms, each with large window and modern furnishings. A great kitchen is already available, of course also a wonderful shower room. The kitchen made of real wood is not only equipped with a luxury refrigerator and microwave, but also with a high oven and dishwasher. Huge cooker top. A large private storage room is available for everyone.      

Room with round window, nice and bright. Well furnished, modern.

The room is very well equipped with a bed, desk, closet and chair. It has an Internet connection to the ultra-fast house router (max. 1000 Mbit). Special electro-heating.


290,- Euro


Pictures of common space and house.

For our full-flat apartments in the best RWTH location, please visit our website R10.

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What do our tenants say?

Studying at the RWTH - no matter whether you are studying for a bachelor's or master's degree: the G5 housing complex is a good starting point. The proximity to the motorway is also an advantage: you can get around Aachen quickly, but also to the Research Centre in Jülich.

"Beautiful flat share - I enjoyed living in Aachen. Great location and enough peace and quiet to study."

Anna Studentin Architektur

"Thank you for the wonderful time in Aachen. The WG was great. Cool group."

Christof Student MaschinenBau

"During the housing shortage in Aachen I was pleased about the quite inexpensive offer."

David MasterStudent

"You should enjoy the student time. This includes a nice environment, a few beers on the terrace and peace and quiet for working.."


Security in renting: we calculate the room rent including most additional costs, i.e. also the central heating and the internet connection (Ethernet or WLAN). Only the per capita electricity costs are charged via the shared electricity meter of the shared flat. So there is no risk of large additional payments.

Please ask for viewing appointments by email only. Because of corono at this moment you can also make a contract by Email; you will get a safe contract with the opportunity to enter germany because you have a place for  14d quarantine.

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Further information about the location and surroundings

Germanusstr. 5, 52080 Aachen-Haaren: Quietest location in a cul-de-sac, so no through traffic. Directly opposite is the fire brigade park - ideal for sports (path along the worm) - and a barbecue hut. From Alt Haarener Straße main bus lines go to Aachen city centre, preferably via Jülicher Straße (also night bus until late at night). By car, you can reach the A544 Rothe Erde motorway access ramps (2 min.) or via Kaninsberg (metro area), also directly bypassing the Aachener Kreuz motorway junction on the A4. The next big crossroad is the outer ring road (L260), which quickly connects to the clinic and campus area. Around the corner at the "Haarener Markt" there are numerous shops.

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The bus routes will connect you in about 10-15 minutes to city center and RWTH/FH-Locations.

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